Two Rivers Medical Partnership GP Update

When I wrote an update for our local parishes in March this year I discussed the constant overload of information at the beginning of the first wave of the pandemic, ways to help manage anxiety and the importance of sticking together. We have all been immensely proud of Whitchurch and the surrounding parishes. We have heard about all of the support groups and feel proud to work in such a wonderful community.

Take care of yourself

All of us are feeling worried and unsettled at the moment due to the uncertainty and it is normal to feel anxious. Now is the time to take a breath and be kind to yourself. It is very likely that your emotional, mental and physical energy levels are ever changing and it’s important to realise that your resilience and reserves can be lacking at the moment. So please reach out, call a friend or family or know that we are always here to chat to.

Appointments at the surgery

We are now entering the second wave of the pandemic and so the every changing rules and regulations we need to follow will be challenging and often overwhelming. We thank you for you supporting the practice with the changes we have already made to keep both patients and staff safe. We want to reassure you that we remain open and we continue to offer telephone and video call appointments for patients and have the facility to see people safely face to face whenever required.

Flu campaign

We are more than half way through our largest flu campaign to date. We have not had to chase anyone up yet this year as our clinics have filled up in record time. The campaign will be extended for all patients over the age of 50 years from sometime in late November so we will keep you posted.


We have noticed a pattern locally and emerging evidence suggests that approximately 10% of patients who have contracts COVID-19 cannot shake off the symptoms of the virus for a number of months after falling ill – a phenomenon termed ‘Long Covid’. We have seen patients displaying symptoms of breathlessness, chronic fatigue, brain fog, anxiety and stress linked to Covid. There is still no guidance but NHS England has announced that soon measures will be put in place to support affected patients.

Quit for Covid

Quit for Covid is a new stop smoking campaign. Clearly Covid-19 and smoking are not a good combination. If anyone who smokes is in a place that they are keen to stop then please call 01264 563039, text QUIT to 66777 or visit for further information.

Stay safe and stay healthy this winter. Please continue to stay connected and keep supporting your neighbours. We will get through this together.

Best wishes

Dr Dan Lickman
Two Rivers Medical Partnership