Improving Continuity of Care “Pods”

Since the merger of Derrydown Clinic and Whitchurch Surgery into Two Rivers Medical Practice you will have noticed some changes. One is that by booking a fifteen minute routine appointment at the surgery we want you to see the same doctor or nurse practitioner you saw last time. If you book a telephone appointment, again, it is likely to be with a clinician you know. This is called “continuity”.

“I always see a different doctor or nurse” is a common complaint when people talk about their general practice. Continuity means this does not happen. When you are ill it is good to see a familiar face, someone who knows you. Doctors and nurses find consulting with people they know easier too – there is more information at their finger tips to help reach a diagnosis and plan tests and treatment with you. Continuity also benefits the NHS. Patients of General Practices which value continuity are less likely to attend A&E or need emergency hospital admission.

At Two Rivers Medical Partnership you are in one of three groups (we called them “Pods”). Each “Pod” has a GP and a nurse practitioner. Dr Jim Rose works with Anne Hardiman, Dr Dan Lickman with Rachel Sidwell and Dr Paul Barber with Maggie Harris. We have two female GPs who see patients from any “Pod”. Our team of nurses and healthcare assistants also see patients from any pod. Soon each “Pod” will have a named administrator to help coordinate your care and deal with non-medical enquiries.

If you do not know which “Pod” you are in look at the right hand side of your prescription or ask at reception; you can also find out from our website When booking an appointment with a GP or nurse practitioner on line, on the phone or face to face book it with your “Pod” clinician.