Repeat Prescription Request

We have the facility set up for you to be able to request your repeat medications each month through this website. This link is to ‘Patient Access’ for which you will need your own username and password and is the same login you need for booking appointments online etc. It is the safest and most efficient way of ordering your repeat prescriptions each month so would encourage you to use it. Other methods include dropping in the right side of your prescription ticking which repeat items you would like. We have the option of phoning your request but this is only for patients that are not able to either request it online or drop in the request because phoning the request is the least safe way of doing so.

If you are a dispensing patient which means you do not live within a mile of a pharmacy we can issue you with the medication directly from either surgery and will prepare this ready for collection within 3 working days of your request. If we are not able to dispense you the medication directly we will be able to send your prescription electronically to the pharmacy of your choosing. Or if you would prefer you can choose to collect your signed prescription from either surgery.

If you do not have a Patient Access account, you can use this form to request any repeat prescriptions from the Practice.

Repeat Prescription Request

Repeat Prescription Request

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