A Recent Consultation – “A Glimmer of Hope”

Hi Mrs S, thanks for managing to talk to me on the video for our consultation today, and no you are not wasting anyone’s time, it’s important you continue to reach out and ask for help with your concerns. Thank you also for making the extra effort to get the video to work.

After discussing various concerns about back aches and various symptoms we agree that loneliness and multiple lockdowns may be contributing to lack of energy and more aches and pains and discuss various ways of managing this and ways to remain as active as possible during these unusual times.

Asked whether we have seen many cases of people with covid over the past few weeks I say yes – but fortunately the majority of our patients have recovered without any obvious long term problems associated with it.

We talk about other positive things at the moment. Spring is coming. The days are becoming brighter and longer again. We live in a beautiful part of the country which is lovely to put on our walking shoes and explore safely outdoors. We share our delight about the rollout of the vaccine programme. Mrs S was fortunate to have had her first vaccine already – I cautiously reiterated the importance of staying safe as it is still unclear how much immunity you have after just one dose of the vaccine. We also know that viruses do not survive so well in warmer weather so the spring and summer months will certainly help with this too. There is a great sense of hope.

We spoke and reflected on some of the positives to come out of the pandemic ; we focussed on kindness and how grateful Mrs S had been for so many kind volunteers in the community who continue to help deliver her medication every few weeks. We also joked that perhaps the world may be a better place that Donald trump is no longer a leader in it.

Again I thanked Mrs S for calling to discuss her concerns today, stating that appointments are available and emphasised she was not wasting the surgery’s time seeking help during the pandemic.

Dr Dan Lickman

GP Two Rivers Medical Partnership

Derrydown Clinic & Whitchurch Surgery